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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Best FileSharing Websites on Internet

Best FileSharing Websites on Internet
Have files to be shared online ? You have a lot of websites that can Host your files for free as well as for premium but being in crap one is useless.

FileSharing sites actually does the role of Medium between the user who Upload(share)his file into the Filesharing sites ( server ) and then the other end user who downloads the file with the link.
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cloud Computing : How it works..An Introduction!!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. 
Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. 
 This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.
A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. 
You dont need a software or a server to use them. 
All a consumer would need is just an internet connection and you can start sending emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud ( internet) and is totally managed by the cloud service provider Yahoo , Google etc. 
The consumer gets to use the software alone and enjoy the benefits. The analogy is , 'If you need milk , would you buy a cow ?' 
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Downfall of Facebook!! How to?

The changes are designed to address some of the biggest frustrations by third-party developers and marketers on Facebook: standing out in the News Feed.
:-Shayndi Raice and Emily Steel
The quote above is from the Wall Street Journal about the possible addition of new ads in your Facebook News Feed (the stream of statuses that you see when you initially login to your account). Note: This is similar to the promoted tweets that Twitter recently introduced.
I’m not sure I can put an actual date on when my mood and feelings toward Facebook changed. It used to be all the rage – checking up on friends, sharing photos and getting input on important life decisions from your closest friends.
Today, Facebook feels like a chore – blocking and hiding irritating “friends” who seeming take to Facebook for two reasons – (1) to bitch about the horrible experience they had at {insert store here} or (2) to play {insert annoying game here}. I’m no longer leaning toward my screen, engrossed in the content, but instead covering my eyes and holding my nose from the rancid stench of rotting brains.
Retailers aren’t fairing much better. Lame post after lame post has me nearly comatose. I mean, the only reason I liked you is because you offered me a free chicken sandwich. Why not go clean the restrooms that I complained about on your page last week?
Facebook put themselves in this position. Before they introduced sponsored stories and apps that leaked all your information to third parties, they essentially decided to play both sides of the fence. The site began with only user profiles, but then businesses wanted in. The fan page was created and marketers rejoiced. They could interact and “engage” in conversations with their customer. Facebook liked (see the pun there) this because businesses meant deep pockets and lots of revenues.
See, the thing is, for every change that Facebook makes to their platform (which they have every right to do), they take something away from either the users or the advertisers. Rarely has a change benefited both parties. And since Facebook has plenty of users who are addicted out of their mind, the changes usually benefit the advertisers. It’s like the cigarette industry is behind this or something.
I could get all cliche’ and use the “It’s not you, it’s me” line, but I think it’s actually you (Facebook) this time. I’m not worried that I’m being tracked or what you might do with my data, it’s just that I’ve got too many problems of my own. I no longer want to spend my precious time lining someone else’s pockets and cleaning up the social mess you’ve made. I think I’ll be deleting my Facebook account soon… if that’s even possible.
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