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Monday, May 20, 2013

Mozilla Firefox Top 5 Extensions a Hacker Must Have>>>>>

Hi Friends Mozilla Firefox is a browser which is loved by security experts and hackers. Mozilla has more that 450 million world wide users and is written in majorly in c,c++,javacript, XSS, XBL. The reason why it is so popular amongst security expert's is because it is open source and has a number of extension's available which make work of penetration testing easier and faster.

1. HackBar: HackBar is like a toolbar but it comes very handy while testing for web vulnerabilities like SQL, XSS etc. Loading,Splitting and Execution of URL can be done using this toolbar. When testing for SQL and XSS vulnerabilities the codes/queries can be injected into the URL quickly using this toolbar.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trojan disables Mac's built-in security defences

Hi Friends,
Malware coders have created a Mac-specific Trojan that is designed to attack anti-malware defences built into Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

The Flashback.C trojan disables the automatic update component of XProtect, OS X's anti-malware application, net security firm F-Secure reports. By wiping out files, the malware prevents future updates, making it more likely that the devilish code will be able to stick around for longer.

The approach mimics a tactic long seen in the world of Windows malware, where attempts to disable security software have been commonplace for years as well as illustrating the growing sophistication of crooks targeting Macs with malware.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Save money , Enjoy open source

Hello friends,
This is Abhishek nehra again with a post about saving your money and using open source software as a replacement.
You just bought a new computer. It's full of promise and has that "new computer" smell. You can't wait to get started.
But, of course, there's no software on it, and you're accustomed to taking that for granted. You search your desk drawers but don't seem have the discs for those programs you bought last time around. Plus, you resolved to get a more powerful photo editor. You start adding up what it will cost to replace and improve all you had. It's staggering. What can you do?
Don't reach for your credit card to start buying commercial software just yet. What if you could get most of it for free?
No, it's not illegal or unethical. Computer users are lucky to have free, open-source software programs available. A typical family can save several hundred dollars this way; it can add up to several thousand if you're even a casual graphic designer or photographer. And this is my specialty, to help you find these kinds of solutions in your digital life. So let's take a look.
Open-source software programs may not always be as polished as their paid counterparts, but they often deliver the same results. And, because the source code is open, the software is constantly reviewed and improved upon by a community of developers. Security bugs are usually detected and fixed quickly.
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