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Thursday, May 2, 2013

How to use Google Now on iOS and iPad

Google released an update to the Google Search app for all iOS users that added one major feature: Google Now. Until this release, Google Now was only available on Android devices, although there have been some indications that the service will eventually show up in Chrome. But this is likely the first time iOS users have seen the service, so you might be wondering what it does and how it works. Well, let's take a look.
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Five Hacks To Make Using Your iPhone Easier

Hi Friends,
The iPhone is one of the most advanced personal electronic devices in the world. One little machine can do so many things. But there are ways to make using the iPhone even easier and more efficient. Here are the top five hacks for your iPhone to make it faster, do more things, and unlock more features.

 Many of these hacks can also be done to other smartphones, such Androids or Windows Phones. The exact steps may be different, but accomplish the same thing.

 Root/Jailbreak your iPhone

Doing this is not for the faint of heart and can void your warranty, but will allow you to use the iPhone's
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

iOS 6 Now Available: Four New Useful Features!

Hi Fnds...
iOS 6 is now available for download. The new update adds over 200 new features to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can upgrade to iOS 6 by going to Settings > General > Software Update, or you can update via iTunes. Some of the more talked about and bigger upgrades include Apple's new 3D mapping technology, turn-by-turn navigation, the Passbook app, and some improvements to Siri. Here are four other smaller but helpful features you will also enjoy.

Dismiss call with message

iOS 6 allows you to be a little more polite when ignoring phone calls. Instead of sending someone
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New Jailbreak Tweaks: BannerDisable and FacebookThis

Hi fnds..
Two new and interesting jailbreak tweaks popped up in Cydia today. BannerDisable adds a “Do Not Disturb” toggle switch to your iPhone. The switch allows you to quickly disable notifications for all apps with one button. Once installed, the “Do Not Disturb” toggle will appear beneath the Airplane Mode option under Settings for quick access. There is also another tweak called DoNotDisturb which adds the same kind of switch to your Notification Center.

The second tweak called FacebookThis allows users to upload photos to Facebook directly from their Camera Roll. Apple is expected to announce full Facebook integration with iOS 6 next week at the WWDC
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iOS 6 Set to Impress With Flyover 3D Mapping

Hi Fnds...
The images we've seen so far from Apple's 3D mapping software destined for iOS 6 are nothing less than stunning. AppleInsider gives us an in-depth comparison between Apple's Flyover maps and Google Street View, which provide more insight into how the new Maps app will look on the iPhone 5.

The level of detail in cities where 3D mapping and aerial photography data exist is much better in the Apple product according to screenshots. Although Google Street View lets us see everything close up from the ground level, the aerial view provided by Apple is continuous and still allows the viewer to look down individual streets for landmarks.
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iOS 6 Maps Loses Some Features Without Google

                                                      Hi fnds...
The early reviews are in, and Apple has some work to do on its new iOS 6 Maps application. Highly-touted features such as turn-by-turn directions are no doubt an upgrade, however there are other things that will be missed by fans of Google Maps. As pretty as those 3D Flyover graphics may look, basic functionality is said to have suffered, especially overseas.
Apple replaced the Google-based back end of the Maps application with its own alongside the launch of iOS 6. One big complaint from users in urban areas is the lack of transit directions. Instead of detailing options to take public transit, the new Maps simply offers a list of third-party transit apps installed on your device.

Early adopters of iOS 6 have also noted that walking directions are not as robust as they were using the
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More iPhone 5 Lightning / 30-Pin Adapter Details

Hi fnds m came back after a long time. now ready to enjoy JUST HACK IT NOW post`s.
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Now we learn some interesting thinks about IPhone 5....
Connector details continue to surface ahead of the iPhone 5 arrival next Friday. One of the biggest questions facing Apple was how to implement a smaller dock connector to replace the aging 30-pin design in service since 2003. We already know the Lightning 8-pin dock connector will be 80 percent smaller and completely reversible.

As it turns out, Apple decided to go with the Lightning proprietary design over micro-USB
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

How to access your PC on your mobile and tablets

A startup Nivio has started to offer virtual Windows desktop to tablets, phones or any other connected device.

Nivio, a cloud service provider, has launched a new service that will allow users to access their Windows based PCs through tablets and smartphones. The new service, named nDesktop, will be available for Android phones and tablets running OS version 2.3 and above, iPhone 4 and above, and iPads. It can also be accessed through HTML-5 compatible browsers.
"The nDesktop allows users to switch on and access a full Windows desktop from all their devices in less than 30 seconds," Nivio said in a press release.

Besides, Nivio has announced two new services. With the new Nivio nDrive, users can create a document
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