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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Censorship in India . Is it Possible?

It isn't just one angry Indian against Google and Facebook. Internet freedom is on trial in India! The ham-handed, state-backed censorship of Salman Rushdie at the Jaipur Literary Festival earlier this month grabbed headlines - "The Republic bows before the Mob". Yet, a far more serious free-speech drama was quietly playing out. It started with Vinay Rai, editor of a little-known Delhi-based Urdu daily called Akbari, filing a criminal complaint in a district court in New Delhi.
Rai had been busy scouting the internet for dirt. Surprise - he found it! On Google, Facebook, YouTube, Orkut, BlogSpot and on smaller services and blogs: Broadreader, Mylot, Zomie Time, Shyni Blog, Exbii.com, and IMC India.
Bizarre case of India versus the Internet
And so he filed a criminal complaint against - hold your breath - Steve Ballmer of Microsoft, Larry Page of
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