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Thursday, December 4, 2014

81% of Tor Users Can be Easily Unmasked By Analysing Router Information

Hi friends,
Tor has always been a tough target for law enforcement for years and FBI has spent millions of dollars to de-anonymize the identity of Tor users, but a latest research suggests that more than 81% of Tor clients can be "de-anonymised" by exploiting the traffic analysis software ‘Netflow’ technology that Cisco has built into its router protocols.
NetFlow is a network protocol designed to collect and monitor network traffic. It exchanged data in network flows, which can correspond to TCP connections or other IP packets sharing common characteristics, such UDP packets sharing source and destination IP addresses, port numbers, and other information.
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Monday, August 4, 2014

How to repair UEFI Bootloader in Windows 8

In this article we will learn how to repair Windows 8 bootloader on a computer with UEFI. The corruption of the Windows 8 bootloader can occur after the installation of the second OS (in Dual Boot configurations), be caused by the erroneous actions while failure recovering and for some other reasons. If the loader in Windows 8 on UEFI system is corrupted, it’s impossible to start the system or a blue screen with the following error appears:
The boot configuration data for your PC is missing or contains errors.
File :\EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD
Error code: 0xc000000f
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Crack Internet Download Manager (idm) POST 2

Hi Friends,
Many users say our 1st trick is not working it`s gave a error in registration.
Now I have a New  trick to crack Internet download manager(IDM), it`s really work........ in every system!!!!!!!

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Everyone know Internet Download Manager is the best download manager & by using Internet Download Manager we can download youtube videos and many other web videos easily, fastly and the best thing about the Internet Download Manager is you can resume the pushed download link many time. But Internet Download Manager is premium software means its not free you can use it for a 30 days trial version and you have to buy the license. But I am using it without buying the license and if you want to use freely premium So follow the simple steps to crack your Internet Download Manager manually.
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Internet Security 2013 Final + Key

Hi Friends,

Kaspersky Anti-Virus & Internet Security 2013 provides a wide range of technologies to protect your privacy and your identity – including two unique security features for entering personal information online.

 Secure Keyboard is a new Kaspersky technology that automatically activates whenever you open a bank website or payment website – or you enter a password within any web page – to ensure that information you enter using your physical keyboard can’t be accessed by keyloggers

 For our ultimate protection, Kaspersky’s improved Virtual Keyboard feature allows you to use mouse-clicks to enter your banking information – so that keystrokes can’t be tracked or stolen by keyloggers,
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Trojan disables Mac's built-in security defences

Hi Friends,
Malware coders have created a Mac-specific Trojan that is designed to attack anti-malware defences built into Apple's Mac OS X operating system.

The Flashback.C trojan disables the automatic update component of XProtect, OS X's anti-malware application, net security firm F-Secure reports. By wiping out files, the malware prevents future updates, making it more likely that the devilish code will be able to stick around for longer.

The approach mimics a tactic long seen in the world of Windows malware, where attempts to disable security software have been commonplace for years as well as illustrating the growing sophistication of crooks targeting Macs with malware.

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Brutus Password Cracker – Download brutus-aet2.zip AET2

Hi Friends,
Brutus is one of the fastest, most flexible remote password crackers you can get your hands on – it’s also free. It is available for Windows 9x, NT and 2000, there is no UN*X version available although it is a possibility at some point in the future. Brutus was first made publicly available in October 1998 and since that time there have been at least 370,000 downloads. Development continues so new releases will be available in the near future.

Brutus was written originally to check routers etc. for default and common passwords.


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How To Eject Cd Drive Without Open My Computer

Hi Friends,
I have a Trick To OPen Cd Driver without Going In my Computer And Without Touching Cd Rom,

1) Run Notepad

2) Copy and Paste VB script code into notepad

Set oWMP = CreateObject(“WMPlayer.OCX.7″ )
Set colCDROMs = oWMP.cdromCollection

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Some Cool Notepad Tricks

Hi Friends,
I have Some cool Notepad tricks, Enjoy It Tell Your Friends...

1.Make A Personal Log-Book or A Diary

Did you know that you can also use Notepad as a simple digital diary or a personal Log-Book ? Well, if you didn’t then follow the below mentioned steps to make one for yourself !

=> Open Notepad.
=>Type .LOG (in capital letters) and hit enter.
=>Save it with any name and close it.
=>Open it again.

When you open the file again you will see the current date and time being inserted automatically after the .LOG line. This will happen automatically every time you reopen the the notepad file.
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Some Interesting Registry Tricks in Window Xp

Hi Friends,
I have some Cool Tricks of Registry, enjoy It........

1)How to remove recycle bin from your desktop :

Open Regedit by going to START – RUN and type Regedit and hit enter. Then you should navigate to following entry in registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\
Desktop\NameSpace\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E} and delete it. This action will remove recycle bin from your desktop.
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How To Install Linux And Window In Same Drive

Hi Friends,
If you are face a problem how to install Linux and window in a same drive......... then don`t worry i have a trick to solve that problem...

Linux can be installed on the same logical partition or drive where windows is installed and without deleting any windows content.

We can use a tool for installing Ubuntu linux into our PCs without harming Windows installation.One of the latest releases by Ubuntu, Wubi can do it for us. With Wubi we can install or uninstall Ubuntu on Windows in same folder.Wubi is a Windows application which runs in windows environment and can be downloaded for free here.

Link to download Wubi:->
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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cloud Computing : How it works..An Introduction!!

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a technology that uses the internet and central remote servers to maintain data and applications. 
Cloud computing allows consumers and businesses to use applications without installation and access their personal files at any computer with internet access. 
 This technology allows for much more efficient computing by centralizing storage, memory, processing and bandwidth.
A simple example of cloud computing is Yahoo email, Gmail, or Hotmail etc. 
You dont need a software or a server to use them. 
All a consumer would need is just an internet connection and you can start sending emails. The server and email management software is all on the cloud ( internet) and is totally managed by the cloud service provider Yahoo , Google etc. 
The consumer gets to use the software alone and enjoy the benefits. The analogy is , 'If you need milk , would you buy a cow ?' 
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview Using USB Drive / Pen Drive

Hi friends,

I am sharing the method for how to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview over Windows 7. In this tutorial I’m using the USB Drive / Pen Drive for Install Windows 8.

Follow the Below Steps to Install Windows 8 Consumer Preview:-

Step 1:- First of all Download the ISO Setup file from here.

Step 2:- Now Download the Windows 7 USB / DVD Download Tool from here and Install it.

Step 3:- Once you downloaded both files, Open the Windows 7 USB tool and then choose the ISO File and click on the Next button.

 Step 4:- Now choose media type i.e. In our case we chooses the USB Device and click on next button.

Step 5:- Now Insert Your Device and then click on the Begin Copying, It takes few minutes to copy windows setup files on your USB Device.

Step 6:- Now Open Your USB Drive and Double Click on the Setup.exe file, to begin Windows 8 Installation.

Step 7:- Now click on the “No Thanks” and mark on to Privacy Statement and click on the Next Button.

Step 8:- Now Enter the Product Key, which is “ DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J” and click on the Next Button.

Step 9:- Now Accept the License Terms,

Step 10:- In Next Windows it will ask you to what you want to keep in Windows 8 Consumer Preview, It’s all upon you to choose any option but i recommend to choose “Windows Settings, Personal Files and apps”, So it will keep all of your settings, files and software as they are in previous OS.

Step 11:- Now It will check the recommended setting, which you have to do first, after did click on the Next Button.

Step 12:- Now Windows 8 is Ready to Install, so click on the Install Button and wait Until to Personalize Background Color.

Step 13:- Now Pick a Background Color and click on next.

Step 14:- Now Select the express setting and wait for few minutes and your Windows 8 Installation Completed.

Enjoy It......

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to Retrieve Clipboard History in Windows

Hi friends,
you copied a code snippet or text from the web and forgot to paste it before you copied something else? Well, all of us will have an experience of something like this, where we want to desperately retrieve those information that was once copied to the clipboard. But since Windows clipboard will only remember the last item that was copied onto it, it would seem impossible to recover the information that was copied earlier. However, this problem can be solved using an alternative clipboard manager in place of the default one.

In this post you will find a few such alternative clipboard managers for Windows using which it would be
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How to Uninstall Ghosted Devices from Windows

Hi Friends ,

Do you know that your computer can be full of Ghosted Devices? And like Humans are scared of real world Ghosts your Computer is also scared of these  Virtual Ghosts. Presence of such ghosts causes  deterioration in the Startup Speed and Overall Computer speed.
In simple language Ghosted Devices, commonly known as Hidden Devices, are those devices that were once connected to the system but are no longer connected. Windows however keeps a copy of them inside the Device Manager and tries to find these devices on system startup, thus reducing the startup speed(often negligible) in some cases.
As an example, lets consider a mouse that you borrowed from a friend, after using it you returned him the next day. When it was first connected, Windows installed the required drivers and when it was removed, Windows marked it as ‘Ghosted Device’. Now since you will probably never use this mouse again, it makes sense to remove it.
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Monday, January 30, 2012

What are Mail Bombers

hi fnd mail bomber is the software that floods user’s e-mail with big number of mails. Mails can contain different information: from the simple newsletter to the offer to enlarge your body parts.

Mail bombers sometimes are used as mass mailing software and in that case are legal programs used for business improvement. Individual users also are able to use these programs.

Most popular programs are:

Avalanch 3.6, Aenima 2.0, Bomsquad, Extreme Mail, Hacktec, KaBoom 3.0, Unabomber, Homicide, Digital Destruction Beta, Euthanasia, Ghost Mail 5.1, Saddamme 0.2, X-Mail, etc. Most of them are free.

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Securing A Wireless Network Connection With WEP & WPA

HI Fnds i have just set up a wireless connection at home - whenever I log on it says that the connection is unsecure - how do I secure it? I have a new Toshiba Laptop and a Phillips Router. I saw something about a WEP key....where do I enter this?

You are right to worry about this problem, actually, because any open wireless network is an invitation for neighbors and various unsavory characters to connect to your network as if they were on your local area network. This means that they'd be able to use your network-friendly printer, your networked hard drive backup system, and try to break into your computers too. In addition, they'd be able to use your

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Top 10 Tricks to exploit SQL Server Systems

Hi fnds i have tp ten trick to exloit sql server

It is through manual poking and prodding or the use of security testing tools, malicious attackers employ a variety of tricks to break into SQL Server systems, both inside and outside your firewall. It stands to reason then, if the hackers are doing it, you need to carry the same attacks to test the security strength of your systems. Here are 10 hacker tricks to gain access and violate systems running SQL Server.

1. Direct connections via the Internet

These connections can be used to attach to SQL Servers sitting naked without firewall protection for the entire world to see (and access). DShield's Port Report shows just how many systems are sitting out there waiting to be attacked. I don't understand the logic behind making a critical server like this directly accessible from the Internet, but I still find this flaw in my assessments, and we all remember the effect the SQL Slammer worm had on so many vulnerable SQL Server systems.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Task Manager Disabled By Administrator(Error )

Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del yields a pop-up saying it has been disabled by Admin.
 To fix it.

1. Click on Start – Run.
 2. Type in REGEDIT and hit Enter.
 3. Open HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System.
 4. On the right panel, double click on DisableTaskManager and change it’s value to 0 from 1.
 5. Similarly, navigate to HKLM Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Policies System.
 6. On the right panel, create a new DWORD value, name it as DisableTaskMgr and enter its value as 0...
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BIOS Password Hacking

Standard BIOS backdoor passwords

The first, less invasive, attempt to bypass a BIOS password is to try on of these standard
 manufacturer’s backdoor passwords:
 AWARD SW, AWARD_SW, Award SW, AWARD PW, _award, awkward, J64, j256,
 j262, j332, j322, 01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598, HLT, SER,

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Get rid of Windows Vista Administrative Password

 Method 1: System Restore
 This only works in cases where you changed your password to something new and then forgot it or deleted a user account by accident. In order for this to work, there must be a System Restore point at which a logon was successful for the problem account. Also, this is not a problem if you are in a domain environment because the Domain Administrator can always reset your password.
 1. The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure you have your Windows Vista DVD or a repair disc. Insert the disc and then restart the computer. When asked to “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”, go ahead and press any key.
 2. Click Next until you get to the screen that has the option “Repair your computer”, select the operating system you want to repair and then click Next.
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