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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Microsoft Shows Why Chrome And Firefox Are Bad For Your Laptop’s Battery

Hello Friends,
Microsoft has released a new video to promote its Edge web browser. The video compares Edge with leading web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. The controlled environment battery test shows that Edge gives you up to 36%-53% extra battery life as compared to other alternatives.

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Pirate Bay Co-founder Must Pay $395,000 Fine To Record Labels, Court Orders

Hello Friends,
A Finnish court has ordered the Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde to pay record labels a sum $395,000. This decision came after various record labels accused the torrent website of sharing their artists’ contents illegally. Even though Sunde has left the website many years ago, he continues to face numerous problems.

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

How to Pick a Best Domain for your Blogging?

Hello Friends,
That is very important If you are a Starter on Blogging and your only goal is to earn money on that condition it will be hard for you to stick with blogging. Because blogging is a long journey. If you have startup your journey with blogging then you have to continue with it many years.
Few bloggers left blogging because they quit and tired of doing the same thing daily, because they do not see the results of their blog immediately.
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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hide Last Seen in Facebook Chat

Hello Friends,
Today we are here with How to Hide Last Seen in Facebook Chat.  By this we can do chat with our friends and lots of more things that we all know. Toda our concern is with the hiding last seen of the Facebook chat. Today there are many people that want provacy in their chats and doesn’t want other to make sure that they have read their message or not. So in this post i will tell you a method by which you can easily Hide Last Seen In Facebook chat. Read the below post to proceed.

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Trace Facebook Profile Visitors

hi friends,
Today billions of people are using Facebook today, Facebook is one of the biggest network of internet and is very much popular worldwide. Today billions of people using Facebook daily in their life and many of user visits each other profile daily and more than even the respective user another user visits more than him/her. But you can’t see directly the visitors that have visited in your profile. So in this post i will tell you the method by which you can easily trace the friends that visit your profile. And you will also check the visitor that visit your profile everyday.
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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Google Launches USB-Based "Security Key" To Strengthen 2-Step Verification

Hi Friends,
Google is taking its users’ privacy very serious and making every possible effort for its users just to make them feel secure when they are online.
Today, the tech giant has announced its enhanced two-step verification service that is based on a physical USB key, adding yet another layer of security to protect its users from hackers and other forms of online theft.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Website Hacking Using Havij (sql injection)

Hi Friends,

The technique we are going to use sql injection. For more information about the topic can be found here. I will be soon posting tutorial about manual sql injection.

Google Dorks: Google dorks are specifically query's that can reveal all the information about the specific website. I am giving you some Google dorks which you can use for finding the website vulnerable to sql injection.

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4 Ways to Crack a Facebook Password and How to Protect Yourself from Them

Hi Friends,
We share our lives on Facebook. We share our birthdays and our anniversaries. We share our vacation plans and locations. We share the births of our sons and the deaths of our fathers. We share our most cherished moments and our most painful thoughts. We divulge every aspect of our lives.
But we sometimes forget who's watching.
We use Facebook as a tool to connect, but there are those people who use that connectivity for malicious purposes. We reveal what others can use against us. They know when we're not home and for how long we're gone. They know the answers to our security questions. People can practically steal our identities—and that's just with the visible information we purposely(?) give away through our public Facebook profile.
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Monday, February 24, 2014

Watch 18+ Videos on Youtube without login

Hi Friends,
Ever got frustrated when Youtube asks you to sign-in to watch an 18+ adult video? If yes, then here is a way out to view such videos without sign-in.
Now, why should you use all this instead of signing in with your account?
Because there are sources which confirm that sites like Google use previous search history to predict the behavior and there by customize the search results, targeted advertisements etc.
Follow these simple steps and enjoy the videos without any sign in required:
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Man In the Middle attack using BT5 Ettercap Tutorial


Ettercap is a suite for man in the middle attacks on LAN (local area network ). It features sniffing of live connections, content filtering on the fly and many other interesting tricks.It supports active and passive dissection of many protocols (even ciphered ones) and includes many feature for network and host analysis. In this tutorial i will explain how to sniff (user names,passwords) in LAN using Ettercap.....

The man-in-the-middle attack (also known as a bucket-brigade attack and abbreviated MITM) is a form of active  eavesdropping  in which the attacker makes independent connections with the victims and relays messages between them, making them believe that they are talking directly to each other over a private connection when in fact the entire conversation is controlled by the attacker

There are several kinds man in the middle attacks that we can perform, But in this tutorial we will see attacks based on the ARP protocol

Steps to be followed 

1. Open terminal  and type ettercap -G. This will open GUI based ettercap utility ....
2. Now scan for hosts in your sub net  by going to Hosts ---> scan for hosts

3.   Now open host list from hosts tab and select the IP address of the victim as target 1 and IP address of the router as target 2.

4.. Now start ARP poisoning by going to mitm ---> ARP Poisoning 

Finally start the sniffer by going to start ---> start sniffing . Now if the victim logs into gmail , face book yahoo mail...etc .we will get his user name and password  

Hope you Enjoyed the article, In my coming posts i will be writing about the countermeasures that you can take against ARP poisoning , MITM ..etc .Till then have a nice time

If you have any doubts please feel free to post a comment.....:) :)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

How To Use Cloud Computing

Hello Friends,
Cloud is meant to be user friendly and not at all complex, but some people are still confused about the Cloud. In the near future many are saying The Cloud may become one of the largest websites on today's market. And, coincidentally, The Cloud is very user friendly.
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Who Should Use The Cloud??? 

Anyone and everyone can take advantage of The Cloud. Individual persons and businesses, large, small, corporations, you name it and The Cloud is for everyone who uses a computer who wants better security, at cost effective prices.

Benefits Gained for the Cloud Software 

Anything that you set on your cloud is downloaded off site. If you must send your portable devices for repair or it crashes, you can access all your valuable information off your cloud, stored off site. The Cloud can be used on your desktop or laptop, but at this time it is not too user friendly, in this respect, unless it turns into a browser and many feel that The Cloud is heading in that direction. The Cloud is at this time used for tablets and iPhones. When you set all of your valuable information on your Cloud it is security protected and you never have to worry about someone else gaining your information. You can use your iPhone, laptop, desktop and Droid to access your Cloud and always have your information under one umbrella.

You no longer will have to secure and protect each piece of information as The Cloud does this automatically for you. You can add information when you need. When you are on The Cloud, it will automatically update information for you. Your pass word can be given to anyone you wish to have it. You and they can access this information from anywhere on any device.

The Cloud is very inexpensive and cost effective, because gone are the days of purchasing high cost software. If you are a small mom and pop business owner, and use a computer you will now have all of the unlimited use of tools to help you in your business. Big corporations are jumping on The Cloud, and you will have all of the same advantage of using the tools they use that helps their business prosper. There are an unlimited number of tools available for you to grab a hold of and use.

The Cloud is like the center of a big wheel, sitting protected under an umbrella, that is ready to grab up any number of spokes in that wheel to use until you decide you have no need for it, and you just put the spoke back. The monthly charges are so low that there should be no reason for every person to not grab a Cloud and sit there.

How Does Someone Set Up Their Cloud?

The first thing to do is to select a hosting service, such as Amazon Web Services, and set up a virtual computer. Amazon was the first to offer Cloud computing to the public, about 2006. According to Amazon, within this virtual computer you will have to set up your security, firewall and settings to login, your hard drive and so forth. Then being done, you will access the prompts when given by the hosting platform. There may be other tools that you will want to grab up and install. According to Amazon, your login capabilities are set in place to access your own Cloud.

This How To Guide for Cloud Computing is from www.trainace.com, a leading computer training company out of Maryland who offers nationwide IT Certification.
Enjoy It..........
The Cloud is meant to be user friendly and not at all complex, but some people are still confused about the Cloud. In the near future many are saying The Cloud may become one of the largest websites on today's market. And, coincidentally, The Cloud is very user friendly. - See more at: http://www.ehacking.net/2013/04/how-to-use-cloud-computing.html#sthash.PHxSOq9t.dpuf
The Cloud is meant to be user friendly and not at all complex, but some people are still confused about the Cloud. In the near future many are saying The Cloud may become one of the largest websites on today's market. And, coincidentally, The Cloud is very user friendly. - See more at: http://www.ehacking.net/2013/04/how-to-use-cloud-computing.html#sthash.PHxSOq9t.dpuf
The Cloud is meant to be user friendly and not at all complex, but some people are still confused about the Cloud. In the near future many are saying The Cloud may become one of the largest websites on today's market. And, coincidentally, The Cloud is very user friendly. - See more at: http://www.ehacking.net/2013/04/how-to-use-cloud-computing.html#sthash.PHxSOq9t.dpuf
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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Microsoft Releases So.cl Network to the Public

Hi Friends,
Microsoft’s "experiment in open search", so.cl, is now open to anyone.

 Launched back in May amidst very little fanfare, so.cl (pronounced "social") was initially offered only to students and billed as an experiment in learning.

 Redmond has recanted those restrictions, today telling world+dog they’re free to pile in and enjoy the fun, as so.cl is now "a service where people connect over shared interests."

 So.cl is rather unlike other social networks inasmuch as a post starts with a search. The results of that search can then be assembled into a post that
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Are Social Networks Putting You At Risk????

Consumers share a significant amount of personal information on various social networking sites and as a result are putting themselves at greater risk for identity fraud. So how can you protect yourself? Follow these simple steps and decrease your chances of falling victim to identity thieves.

 Are Social Networks Putting You at Risk?
 There is no denying that in today’s world there isn’t much that can be done without using the internet. A person can very easily perform their banking needs, complete a graduate degree, find a job and even find
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Monday, December 3, 2012

Why These Days Hacking Is Easy And Everyone Is Hacked?

Hi Friends,
This is among the most common questions which seem to be troubling the modern day generation. People with even some basic computer and internet knowledge can understand the severity of this issue. However, hacking is not an easy nut to crack; it requires lots of skills and efforts and is considered among the tougher tasks. Yet, these days, hackers have created whole lot of mess by simply cracking passwords of emails, bank accounts, and other similar things. This has emerged as a serious threat in the present context especially when you transfer money online, and carry out countless things on the web. The following are few possible reasons why hacking is becoming a rampant phenomenon where so many people
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Friday, May 25, 2012

Get 5GB Free Online Storage With Google Drive

Hi Friends,
Watch out Dropbox, Amazon Cloud and Microsoft SkyDrive! Google introduced today its free, 5GB cloud storage service, Google Drive. Available to anyone with the Google account, Google Drive enables users to upload, share, collaborate on files stored in their Google Drive account.
If you’re familiar with Dropbox, you’ll be right at home with Google Drive. In addition to accessing the service from within your Google Docs account, you can also download the PC and Mac Google Drive client that launches as a folder on your computer. All files, including videos, photos, PDFs, and Google Docs, dropped into the Drive folder get synchronized to your account. You can also opt to not sync selected folders to one or more of your computers.
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Nmap 6 Released For Download - Network Discovery & Security Auditing Tool

Hi Friends,
It’s been a while since the last major release of Nmap. The latest major version has just been released, version 6 – and is now available for download!

Nmap (Network Mapper) is a security scanner originally written by Gordon Lyon used to discover hosts and services on a computer network, thus creating a "map" of the network. To accomplish its goal, Nmap sends specially crafted packets to the target host and then analyzes the responses. Unlike many simple port scanners that just send packets at some predefined constant rate, Nmap accounts for the
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How To Undo Send An Email Till 30 Seconds After Sending It in Gmail

Hi Friends,
Much ago, Gmail launched a feature named “Undo send” . It is a feature of the Gmail Labs. Gmail Labs has many cool features, some are for fun and some are really very useful. So, one of the feature, Undo Send, allows us to undo the sent email even after 30 seconds of pressing the send button. So isn’t that cool. If you pressed the send button and later on notice that you made a mistake or wanted to alter something , then you can straight away press the Undo button and the email will be saved in the Drafts folder.

Steps to activate the undo send feature in Gmail :
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hack a Yahoo Account While Chatting

Hi Friends,
 I have a trick to hack yahoo in chatting But i am not sure that this will work 100 %.
But yes will work almost 70 percent of the times.
But before that you need to know some few things of yahoo chat protocol

Following are the Steps : -

1) When we chat on yahoo every thing goes through the server.Only when we chat thats messages.

2) When we send files yahoo has 2 options
a) Either it uploads the file and then the other client has to down load it.
Either it connects to the client directly and gets the files
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is MD5 Hash, and How to Use It

Hi friends,
Today I will explain you about one of my favorite and interesting cryptographic algorithm called MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5). This algorithm is mainly used to perform file integrity checks under most circumstances. Here I will not jump into the technical aspects of this algorithm, rather will tell you about how to make use of this algorithm in your daily life. Before I tell you about how to use MD5, I would like to share one of my recent experience which made me start using MD5 algorithm.

Recently I made some significant changes and updates to my website and as obvious I generated a complete
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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Send .exe File in Gmail

Hi Friends,

90 % of all Email Services, Gmail is used. Sometime you get frustrated when you have to send exe, dll, ocs, com or bat file in Gmail because Gmail doesn’t allow you send file with those extensions. In that case you switch yourself to other email service provider like yahoo which allows such extensions. In case of Gmail,  it doesn’t allows you with giving an error “It is an executable file”

Now Ill tell you some trick through which you can send or attach any type of file in you Gmail.

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