Practice VS Theory

Hello Friends,
Education in many countries attaches great importance to theory. We are thrown into the head of a bunch of knowledge. To go to college, things aren't much better either.

Most of these theories are quite abstract, so students are difficult to absorb. By learning without knowing how to apply, these theories will fade out. Many students feel confused because they don't know "what do I learn this for ? "

 After all, schools do so for a reason. Theory easy to teach, less work for the counselor. Know the theory, understand the nature of the problem, you can apply in many situations. However, the student originally didn't understand, don't like the theory, how can they apply to ?.


Practice is how to put theory into practice. Originally, the theory is abstract and difficult to understand, but practice is very specific, helping us grasp the problem easier.

The fastest way to learn code is ... to code. In the old days, when I wanted to study PHP, I spent 2 weeks to read a book, that didn't give me anything. Now, having experienced, when I want to learn Android, instead of reading from the beginning to the end of an Android book to grasp the "theory", I will code through the demo.
In the programming industry, practice is a good friend of the programmer. We see how the code runs, how to send data, see what the program does. We can create products to show our friends, feel more excited than theory.

At present, some colleges and vocational schools teach programming less theoretical and focus on practice. This approach proved to be quite effective, as evidenced by the fact that many of them have the ability to code and find a job without a college degree.

But practice is not everything ...

Taking too much into the practice and abandoning the theory will make you be a worker, no more no less, and don't understand the essence. That is why sometimes you learn to program yourself often get a little harder than someone graduates, because you may be missing some basic knowledge and theory.

In addition, there are times when it is imperative to understand the theory. Want to learn high, find out the complex issues, you must have good theory and foundation. Suppose you learn Machine Learning without the theory of discrete math, probability statistics, you'll definitely meet trouble.
Sometimes, teachers say is true:  Having a strong theory is very easy to practice. Now, If I mastered the theory of RestAPI, I can write the RestAPI in C #, Java, Python, and call RestAPI from the web, mobile, win app. I have a good theory of OOP can code OOP in Java, C ++, C #, JavaScript.

How to Learn properly

Learn the theory in parallel with practice. Learn a little theory to understand it. If you don't understand then leave it, after practice, you can continue. For example, with AJAX, I previously read the theory without understanding anything. After coding with it, I have a lot of understanding and then reviewing the theory to comprehend more.

Practice is a friend of theory, upholding the theory. Apply theory to practice.

A strong theory is good, this isn't wrong! But if you keep learning theoretically, then you will forget something. Let's takes time to practice, then back to the theory to test yourself.

Of course, after having theoretical knowledge, we need to practice a lot to accumulate experience. There are things that are never in theory, only long-term accumulation, we can grasp.


Hopefully, through this article, you will better understand the importance of theory and practice and know how to balance both.

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