How to Edit Google Drive's file on Microsoft Office

Hello Friends,
Edit any document or spreadsheet stored on Google Drive, you no longer need access through Drive, which can be edited directly on Microsoft Office.
Google has provided a very useful plugin that makes this easy. You download and install the plugin at This plugin supports Microsoft Office for Windows XP and above.

Sign in to access documents from Google Drive

After the installation is complete, open Microsoft Word (Excel or PowerPoint) to make a sign in the request from Google Drive.

Edit your Google Drive text or spreadsheet file

You need to specify the type of file you want to open whichever you open the corresponding Microsoft Office software. For example, I need to open a text file on Google Drive, I will use Microsoft Word.

In Word, choose File>Open, and click Google Drive

Select Google Drive and click the Open from Google Drive button to open the document from your computer.
But if you don't want to show all types of files on Google Drive?

Click Settings, Google allows you to set up three file display options by clicking the Open from Google Drive button.

  • Microsoft Office and Google Docs files: Display files created by Microsoft Office and Google Docs saved in Drive.
  • Microsoft Office files only: Displays only files created by Microsoft Office saved in Drive. (Choose this one)
  • All files: Show all the files that are in your Drive, no matter what.
That's it, now you can open Google Drive files that edit in Microsoft Word

Upload the file created in Microsoft Office to Google Drive
In addition to editing files from Google Drive, you can also save files created from Microsoft Office directly to Drive.
Simply click Save as, and select Google Drive as your storage location.
So the file has been uploaded!
Thanks you.

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