Thursday, July 7, 2016

Android Nougat: New Features in Google’s Latest Mobile OS

Hello Friends,
Here I am giving you everthing you want to know about the new version of Android OS.
  1. The new version of Android device or Android Nougat will run apps without actually installing them on a device.
  2. The new security feature is also here. Android Nougat will let a user to encrypt specific files rather than the whole phone.
  3. It will offer a split-screen feature so users can toggle between apps more easily.
  4. Now opening an app to reply is very boring and tiedy so the new Android Nougat will enable users to reply directly from notifications.
  5. Launcher shortcuts will let you to create custom shortcuts to specific features in certain applications. Like this could be a shortcut to message a particular contact or to access a specific folder in an email inbox.
  6. Now battery saving is also a big topic that google promises in Android Nougat. And it has better graphic performance.
  7. Android Nougat will have support for Emoji Unicode 9, bringing users new emoji with more human-like faces and a variety of skin-tones.
  8. Google’s virtual reality platform called Daydream is included in Android Nougat.
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