Saturday, April 2, 2016

How to download torrent file using cloud (

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There has been lot happening in the torrent scene in the last few months. With the (brief) closure of PirateBay, the shutdown of a popular TV show aggregator, and more ISP’s around the world being ordered to block anything related to torrents, downloading through torrents is scrutinized and often associated with piracy. If you are lucky your ISP may not have blocked torrents, but it may throttle the speed to a point where you
might give up using them. This is bad news for the honest-torrent-user (yes they exist!!). For these folks and others who are behind a college or workplace firewall, cloud torrent is the alternative way.
Use refrence link
in free  account they give you 2Gb data and you can also increase it by refering it to your friends and or you may also post it on facebook so that  as many people visit there site your data limit will increases .
Enjoy it.
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