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How to Pick a Best Domain for your Blogging?

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That is very important If you are a Starter on Blogging and your only goal is to earn money on that condition it will be hard for you to stick with blogging. Because blogging is a long journey. If you have startup your journey with blogging then you have to continue with it many years.
Few bloggers left blogging because they quit and tired of doing the same thing daily, because they do not see the results of their blog immediately.

I will suggest you to be persist on blogging because you won’t get any reward if you’re in hurry you have to keep rising slowly and cover you backups.
On this blogging journey, you can change your blog’s design, hire new writers, add premium plugins and change the focus of your blog. But there is one thing you will never be able to change – your domain name.

Generic Domain Names Vs. Keyword Domain Names

  • When you are choosing a domain name for your blog, you have the option of going with a brandable domain name or a domain name keyword focused.
  • A generic brand as Learn2Hack not mean anything specific and has the ability to throw anything and do anything.
  • However, let’s say you have a domain name like This name restricted to talk about blogs with a focus on Hacking.
  • Focusing is good, but if you want to extend their reach in the future, the domain name must not be an obstacle on the road for you.
  • For example, if Google started with a name like, they would not be able to expand the brand beyond being a search engine online.
  • Brandable names are always better than the keyword specific names focused when you want to build a valuable brand.

Is it Possible to Change Your Domain Name Later?

  • You may think that you can get started with some name now and later change the brand and domain name if you want to change focus. But you cannot change your domain name on a later date because the domain name becomes your brand. Your backlinks, popularity and search traffic are all linked to your domain name.
  • Very few people have successfully changed their domain name without getting hurt. changed to successfully. But I wouldn’t take a risk like that unless I have the branding, marketing and SEO expertise like the guys at Moz do.
  • This again brings us to the point that it is very important to start a blog with a good domain name. Some bloggers who do not start with a good domain name always feel bad about the choice they made years back.
Some bloggers get stuck with bad domain names which are difficult to remember and prone to type-in mistakes when someone is looking for their blog.

Where to Register and Hold Your Domain Names?

If you have found a .com name available for registration, you can register that name in GoDaddy. The price for the first year of registration in these registers  extremely cheap – mostly around $2-$12.
Transferring your domain names is possible after two months of registration. When you transfer your domain names to a new registrar, they will give you one-year renewal for free which is usually cheaper than their normal renewal charges.
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