Trace Facebook Profile Visitors

hi friends,
Today billions of people are using Facebook today, Facebook is one of the biggest network of internet and is very much popular worldwide. Today billions of people using Facebook daily in their life and many of user visits each other profile daily and more than even the respective user another user visits more than him/her. But you can’t see directly the visitors that have visited in your profile. So in this post i will tell you the method by which you can easily trace the friends that visit your profile. And you will also check the visitor that visit your profile everyday.

So lets have a look over the method by which you can check the visitors that have visit your profile that day. The method is very simple and straight, you just have to follow some simple steps to do that. Just follow the below steps to proceed.

Step 1 :First of all login in your facebook account and open your profile.
Step 2 :Now Press ctrl+U of your keyboard.
Step 3 :Now you will see the source code of that page.
Step 4 :Now press Ctrl + F to open search box.
Step 5 :Now paste this code {“list”: in the search box.
Step 6 :Now you will see the no. of Id’d of facebook user that have visited on your profile.
Step 7 :Now copy the id of any of the visitor.
Step 8 :Now open the url the selected code(for ex the selected code/10004567898756.
Step 9 :Now you will get into the profile of the user that have visted on your profile.
Step 10 :By this way you can even trace all the visitor that have visited in your profile.

Enjoy it.....

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