Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions

Hello Friends,
i'm back with Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition: Wireless Security Secrets & Solutions 2015..!!
Yes! It is out on the internet. Here's a link to download the PDF version of it. Felt this was worth a share.
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Exploit and defend against the latest wireless network attacks. Learn to exploit weaknesses in wireless network environments using the innovative techniques in this thoroughly updated guide. Inside, you'll find concise technical overviews, the latest attack methods, and ready-to-deploy countermeasures. Find out how to leverage wireless eavesdropping, break encryption systems, deliver remote exploits, and manipulate 802.11 clients, and learn how attackers impersonate cellular networks. Hacking Exposed Wireless, Third Edition features expert coverage of ever-expanding threats that affect leading-edge technologies, including Bluetooth Low Energy, Software Defined Radio (SDR), ZigBee, and Z-Wave.
Downloading Link CLICK HERE
Assemble a wireless attack toolkit and master the hacker's weapons
Effectively scan and enumerate WiFi networks and client devices
Leverage advanced wireless attack tools, including Wifite, Scapy, Pyrit, Metasploit, KillerBee, and the Aircrack-ng suite
Develop and launch client-side attacks using Ettercap and the WiFi Pineapple
Hack cellular networks with Airprobe, Kraken, Pytacle, and YateBTS
Exploit holes in WPA and WPA2 personal and enterprise security schemes
Leverage rogue hotspots to deliver remote access software through fraudulent software updates
Eavesdrop on Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy traffic
Capture and evaluate proprietary wireless technology with Software Defined Radio tools
Explore vulnerabilities in ZigBee and Z-Wave-connected smart homes and offices
Attack remote wireless networks using compromised Windows systems and built-in tools.
Downloading Link CLICK HERE

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