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Windows 10 is the version of Microsoft O.S after Windows 8.1 .
Windows 10 will be a free upgrade for windows 7 and windows 8,8.1 users for the first year. if users do not upgrade in the first year than they will be charged.
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Windows 10 will launch in the end of 2015 and the Technical Preview will end on 15 April 2015.
Microsoft also debuts the Microsoft Surface Hub and Windows Holographic.
Microsoft confirmed the Cortana and the Spartan Web browser will be introduced across all windows devices.


 Windows 10 aims to improve the user experience for non-touchscreen devices by adding a new revision of the desktop Start menu and a new Virtual desktop system and

allowing windows store apps to run within windows on the desktop.
The task bar appears streamlined on windows 10 and start menu can be made full screen with a touch, settings has also reverted back to look lie the traditional Control

Panel of Old.
The charms Bar also has a new look, with users able to swipe from the right to find a notification panel,swiping down will close all app.
The 'Task View' display allows the use of multiple workspace.
A new virtual desktop system known as task view has been added,clicking the task view on the task bar displays all open windows and allows users to switch between them or switch between multiple workspace.


 Microsoft's personal assistant is coming to windows PCs and will be accessible via search panel in task bar, the app has ability to learn about user.


 Microsoft's refreshed web browser will arrive on PCs first, user can annotate pages with a finger or pen in 'Note taking mode' before sharing it or save to one note ,

There's also a 'Reading Mode' for offline viewing with support for PDF files.

 Some Other Information

Update method- Windows update
               Windows store
               Windows server update services

Platforms- IA-32, x64 , ARMv7
                 Kernel type Hybrid

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