Tor Browser 4.0 and Tails 1.2 Update Released

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 Tor - Privacy oriented encrypted anonymizing service, has announced the launch of its next version of Tor Browser Bundle, Tor version 4.0, which disables SSL3 to prevent POODLE attack and uses new transports that are intended to defeat the Great Firewall of China and other extremely restrictive firewalls.

Tor is generally thought to be a place where users come online to hide their activities and remain anonymous. Tor is an encrypted anonymizing network considered to be one of the most privacy oriented service and is mostly used by activists, journalists to circumvent online censorship and surveillance efforts by various countries.

The popularity of the tool can be estimated by the recent announcement of an Internet router called Anonabox which was the highest crowd funded project on Kickstarter this week, generating more than $500,000 in funding since its launch on Monday. Tor privacy router Anonabox is designed to make all your online activity anonymous and conceal your location, but unfortunately the backers have started to pull their funding for the project due to raising questions related to the authenticity of the product.

One of the major new features in this new version is that it now disables SSL3 connections to prevent users against the "POODLE" attack. Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption, or POODLE makes it possible for attackers to spy on your internet browser stemming from a decade old encryption standard, known as SSL version 3.0, which is still being used by majority of Internet users.

Download Tor version 4.0 from here in order to keep yourself updated.

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