Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives That Pay High Rate

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Whenever the idea of making money online from your blog come into your mind, the very first method we prefer is generating income through Google Adsense. It is one of the best advertising program which is used by most of the publishers from different countries across the world.
The main reason why most of the publishers monetize their website through Google Adsense is that it pays a high CPC as compared to other advertising networks. If you have a website or blog with informative and quality content and are rejected or banned from Google Adsense team, then you should need to join other advertising programs in order to monetize your website content.

In this article we are going to discuss the top 10 Google Adsense alternatives that pays decent income to their publishers and are considered as top Adsense alternatives.

Top 10 Google Adsense Alternatives That Pay High Rate

1. BuySellAds

One of the best alternatives and the best method to make money through your blog is BuySellAds. BuySellAds allows publishers to sell ad spaces on their blog in order to make good income. Getting approval from this advertising network is not easy as it requires at least 50k page views per month as well as you must have top-level domain. So if you have fulfilled both the conditions, then try this top advertising network. Their minimum payment is $50 and pays through PayPal and Wire Transfer.

2. InfoLinks

Another top Google Adsense alternative that pays good income. Getting approval from Infolinks is easier. After signing up you just need to put the code in your blog or website and then your content will be monetized with Infolinks. On the basis of per thousand page views , you will be able to make money around $1.5-$5 and they offers various payment method such as wire transfer, PayPal etc. If you are getting maximum traffic from European countries especially from the United States and Canada, then you can make huge money through Infolinks.

3. Chitika

Chitika is another best Cost per click advertising network that pays good revenue to their publishers. Minimum payment is around $10 and can be paid easily through PayPal and Wire Transfer.

4. Tribal Fusion

Tribal fusion is the best CPM advertisement network that mostly accepts those publishers which are getting millions of visitors to their blog monthly. It is considered as the top and best CPM ads network on the internet and is used by big publishers.

5. Clicksor

Another good advertising network that offers publishers to make money from their blog through CPM, CPC advertisements. You can receive your payment twice in a month and their minimum payout is around $50.

6. Affinity

Affinity is considered as one of the top revenue sharing advertising company all over the internet. Most of the times publishers are able to get 90 revenue from the affinity ads network. As compared to Google Adsense it pays a decent ecpm rate. Publishers are able to get their minimum payment $50 through PayPal.

7. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is good Google Adsense alternative and old but popular advertising company. Getting approval from this advertising network is easy but they offer very low CPC. Their minimum payment is around $10 and can be received either through Check or PayPal.

8. Smowtion

Another high target CPM advertisement network that offers monetization to  those publishers which are getting high traffic to their blog. Smowtion pay to their publishers through PayPal.

9. Kontera

Amazing In-text advertising network that is similar to Infolinks. You will be able to monetize your website or blog through these In-text ads. Their minimum payment is around $50.

10. Media. Net

Another top alternative to Google Adsense is the Yahoo Bing advertising network that offers its publisher to earn decent income through monetizing their blog with advertisements and earn revenue on the basis of both click as well as impressions. Their minimum payment is around $10 and can be received through PayPal.
I hope you liked the list of Google Adsense alternatives. Let us know if we missed the ads network which pay similar to Google Adsense. If you have any query, feel free to ask in the comments.

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