Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Security Apps To Help Protect IPhone Apps

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Smart iPhone practices like carefully vetting apps before you download can help keep your phone safe. However, security goes far beyond making careful choices: If you use your iPhone for business or keep sensitive information on it, you need better protection. Here is a collection of downloads you can use to increase your phone security and prevent viruses, malware, and data theft from ruining your smartphone experience.

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SecureWeb is a free app that functions as a mobile browser, but with a lot of extra filtering features that
prevent you or anyone else from accessing websites that could potentially harm your phone. This is especially handy when you want to do a mobile search for information but do not want to accidentally run across a site with malicious content. SecureWeb keeps a "reputation database" of suspicious sites (as well as safe destinations) that it compares all URLs to before granting access.


PhoneClean is a highly rated cleaning app. If you often download and experiment with new apps, your phone probably has a lot of clutter on it – temporary files, unnecessary off-line data, and other junk that claims storage space. PhoneClean automatically searches for this type of data and removes caches, Script files, Cookies, corrupt files from failed downloads, and anything else that does not serve a purpose. If your phone has become cluttered and you do not have the space you want for more music, files, or apps, then give PhoneClean a try.


SplashID does not directly filter results or search iPhones for threats, but it is a very handy way to protect financial data and practice safe smartphone management. The app creates a secure space where you can store your online passwords, important credit card information, bank account numbers, and similar things. It offers a password generator that gives a randomized password that will be much safer than the average user choice. If you want to practice full digital security, there is also a desktop version that can sync wirelessly with the app.


iDiscrete is a more expensive app at $2.99 appox., but it helps protect all the other apps on your phone. This is mainly a defense against physical attacks – if your phone is stolen, it will prevent thieves from accessing your apps and stealing even more information. It also works to prevent kids and friends from accessing business information that you do not want disturbed. It creates a touch-based passcode: If the user does not touch the screen in the right pattern, iDiscrete brings up a fake screen while denying the user access to any real content. The app can protect documents, images, and other forms of media. It also includes the ability to transfer files securely to a desktop via a wireless connection.


VirusBarrier is a dollar download from Intego that helps spot any dangerous software. Apps on iPhones cannot readily scan files on automatic schedules, but this app will scan any files on demand. Bring up the app and examine any email attachments or other potentially dangerous downloads before making a decision about them.
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