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How To Install Windows In Android Tablet

First step: Android SDK
To get started, you will need to install the Android SDK. The reason being is you’ll need the program “adb” which essentially allows you in debug mode to issue commands to the phone (like installing programs) you can get and install the sdk here:
Actually getting set up with a working development environment for Android is a whole other story – you’ll need a IDE like Eclipse. But for now, all we’re concerned about is that adb program in the tools subdirectory.

Get your phone ready
Your phone will need some settings set up, go into your settings application and then “applications” you’ll see a section for development settings. You’ll want debug mode on, you’ll want the phone to stay awake on usb, and you’ll also want the setting in applications to allow installation from unknown sources. After this is all set, plug the phone in via usb, and mount it.
Getting the emulator set up
For this, we’re using DOSBOX – which is a handy emulator for many, many platforms. The android version is available here:
The instructions for installing DOSBOX are on this page. Essentially you’ll be using adb to send the .apk file to your phone. It’s simple, just navigate to the tools directory and type “adb install” followed by the name of the apk you get from the downloaded zip file.
Example, on the mac terminal: ./adb install ~/Desktop/WVGA/aDosBox.apk  (In this example I’m in the tools directory running adb and pointing to the extracted zip file on my desktop – a folder called WVGA containing aDosBox.apk
Next, we need to copy a configuration file for dosbox. Use adb followed by “push” and the name of the file and then the destination. For example: ./adb push ~/Desktop/WVGA/dosbox.conf /sdcard/dosbox.conf (first is adp, then push, then the source, then the destination)
You can use phone itself if you have a file manager program like ASTRO, or just use your computer – but you’ll want to make some tweaks to the dosbox.conf file. First off, give it additional memory. 8, 16mb — enough to run windows 3.1 or 9x. (Sorry I hope you weren’t expecting Windows 7 here!) Also feel free to add your own commands to the autoexec.bat section of the config file. Old skool users will remember that autoexec.bat is just a batch file that runs at startup.
Also, on the phone I made a dosbox directory organize all the x86 stuff.
Well, at this point you should have the DOSBOX application on your phone which will fire right up into DOS. You can technically but any executables and run them from the prompt.
Final Thoughts
Launching windows is done with the “win” command, you can add this to the configuration file under the autoexec section or just run it manually at the prompt. Enjoy!
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  1. PLEASE Sir teach me step by step.
    I have all the things but I need your help.
    Please respond.

  2. PLEASE Sir teach me step by step.
    I have all the things but I need your help.
    Please respond.

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