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Five Hacks To Make Using Your iPhone Easier

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The iPhone is one of the most advanced personal electronic devices in the world. One little machine can do so many things. But there are ways to make using the iPhone even easier and more efficient. Here are the top five hacks for your iPhone to make it faster, do more things, and unlock more features.

 Many of these hacks can also be done to other smartphones, such Androids or Windows Phones. The exact steps may be different, but accomplish the same thing.

 Root/Jailbreak your iPhone

Doing this is not for the faint of heart and can void your warranty, but will allow you to use the iPhone's
features more fully. Rooting will allow you to control the phone's hardware. You can change the CPU power to make the phone faster and run smoother, and do many other things. Doing it wrong, though, may cause harm to the phone, so make sure you know what you're doing. There are many guides that explain the process fully.

 Add Extensions to your Contacts

Rather than dialing the main number and waiting on the line to dial the extension, you can program the phone to dial that extension automatically. Edit the contact, and in the phone number field, at the end of the number press the "+ - *" key. Press pause to insert a comma, and then type the extension number. Save and you're done.

 Add Words to the Dictionary

If you want to add words to the iPhone's dictionary, all you have to do is search for it. Go to Safari, tap the search bar, and type in the word you want to add. Hit enter and the word will be added to the dictionary so it won't be auto-corrected next time you type it.

 Send a Call to Voice-mail Automatically

If someone calls you and you don't want to answer, you can send them to voice-mail without just hanging up on them. Double click the sleep button on the top of the phone and the call will be sent to your voice-mail.

 Use your iPhone as a Wireless Router

If you don't have an internet connection for your computer, you can use your iPhone as a router. The process is called tethering, and it's as easy as downloading an app such as MyWi. The settings are easy to configure, and once it's on, your phone will broadcast a wireless signal for other devices to connect to. This does use your phone's data, so make sure not to go overboard.
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