Sunday, March 11, 2012

Whats new on Android 4.0: IceCream Sandwich

Android Tips Ice Cream Sandwich

The latest and the greatest:

  • Screens can now span the entire device. Home, Back, Menu and Search buttons are now soft buttons
  • Swipe to the right to throw stuff away and delete them, ex: recently opened applications and notifications
  • Zoomable calendar
  • Take screenshot by holding power and volume down buttons
  • Voicemail in call log. You can speed up or slow down voice mail too
  • Sync people info, including HighRes pictures, from social networks
  • Login using your face. Camera detects real faces to prevent logging in using a photograph
  • Touch (or throw?) to beam webpages, contacts and directions using NFC
  • New semi-circular HD optimized font: Roboto
  • Pan your camera to capture single motion panoramic photos, no more stitching
  • Edit photos after capture and stylize them using filters
  • Type with your voice, no more translation waiting
  • Reject an incoming call, but with a custom message
  • Set data usage restrictions and prevent overages on carriers with limits
  • New GMail that lets you swipe through new messages
  • Finally, swipe to throw and not long press everywhere. Long press is dead!
For those who read through the long list above (no cheating), take a sneak peek: IceCream Sandwich
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