Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nokia life time reset to zero

Hi friends,
I have a trick to reset your NOKIA mobile timer..
If you want to sell your Nokia phone to someone?
If you want to reset your life time counter ?
If you  want to fool them as it has been used very less !
Download Nemesis on link down and follow the following instructions.

Download from this link

>> Nokia PC Suite must be installed on your computer, as Nemesis requires nokia cable driver. Use USB Cable for your phone


Install proper driver of USB cable attached,  If you don’t install proper cable driver the Nemesis will show an error while reading or writing.
1- Install nemesis service suite
2- Connect phone via USB
3- Open Nemesis and click on magnifying glass on the right
4- Click on “phone info” icon and “permanent memory” tab on the lower right near “Fbus info” tab
5- Click on “write” button
6- Then choose to open the “Life” file which you extracted somewhere before and wait for the moment
7- That’s it! Reboot the phone and type *#92702689# and SURPRISE! Now you have 0 hours of talk.
enjoy it......

5500 sport, 5700XM, 6110 navigator, 6120classic, 6630, 6680, E50, E51, E61i, E65, N70, N72, N73, N73ME, N80, N91, N95, N95 8gb, 5800 xpress music, N97, E71, E63. Almost all the nokia s60 v3…
Download this tool:-
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