Now Block Any Ip Address

Now, before we get started, I would like to say that I, Abhishek nehra, and the justhackitnow group, do not support illegal downloading and this software should be used for legal uses only.  We can now continue!
You can keep downloading your IP Blocklist the manual way, from
or you can download Blocklist Manager and have it done for you.

Blocklist Manager is a free application provided by B.I.S.S. (Bluetack Internet Security Solutions) and it automatically downloads IP lists from the major sources and easily exports them to your favorite applications. You have the option of either letting it run in the background, or running it just when you need a fresh list.
Sources Page On Blocklist Manager
First, when you start the application, click Sources, then goto Tools > Options. On the main page, configure the options how you want them, you can get more information on the options here: Settings Help (Note: the help is a little out dated). I decided to only import Deny rules, Deny overrides Allow, Auto-Update enabled and to Auto Export. I didn’t decide to have it minimize to tray or have it start on boot, as I only need a update every week or so. Then go to the sources tab and enable any sources that you want to download. If you don’t do that, nothing will download.
Then when converting to an application, you can goto the Export -> Export Manager and configure your application and path, however the application selection is very limited! Also, remember to check “Export Location Active” when making your Exports. I would recommend manually doing the Convert option for your specific program, even though it is far less convenient.
Processing Window on Blocklist Manager
To download a list of all the new IPs, press the “Process” button and wait while everything is downloaded and compiled. You will have to do this whenever you want a new database of IPs to export or convert. Then convert your newly generated list using either the “Convert” button or the “Export List” button. When converting, make sure Memory Array is selected and then choose your format.
Bottom Line
Blocklist manager is a great free application for people who want to block IPs. It is fairly small and doesn’t have to run in the background. However, it doesnt offer many export options or even convert options. The program can run in the background, however it requires a lot of configuration to get it to work correctly. Overall it is a good application but should provide more exporting options and compatibility.

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