Find out the admin page of a site(works on most sites)

I can see that many of you is unable or don't know how to find the admin login page for the control panel of a website so i though about writing a little tutorial about the method i use to find admins login pages.

First of all here are the tools you will need to do the job:
Download perl

After that download the admin finder:

Ok now the real work start:
Install the perl tool on your PC. It take few minutes because there lots of files to copy so do not stop it for any reason.
Then extract the admin finder page and copy it to your hard drive partition C:/

Now go to Start > run > and type cmd > press enter

You will get a black dos window.

Type cd\ and press enter
[Image: admin1.jpg]

then type and press enter
[Image: admin2.jpg]

then write the target website and press enter
I will use here my free website at ucoz. Don't try to hack it Biggrin
[Image: admin3.jpg]

then choose the type of that website. This tool will work on asp , php , cfm or type any if you don't know what is the type and press enter
[Image: admin4.jpg]

The tool will search for the admin page as it is shown in this picture.
[Image: admin5.jpg]

And voila.

Now once you have found the admin login page, it is time to get the admin username and password.

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